A person can get obese easily…

But needs to work Huff and Puff to get muscled up….

Same applies to LIFE…

 You can destroy your life easily….

But… To make your life, you would take ages!


The Bomb

One day Sherlock Holmes was having a ride on his bike but when he went past a warehouse he started hearing strange voices and some strange glow came from that warehouse. That evening he went to that warehouse to spy what was going now, maybe it was a new case for him. He heard those same voices and heard their discussion. When suddenly the conversation ended, Sherlock had heard everything and it was a new case for him. He looked tense. Sherlock climbed over the warehouse to the roof and the door opened. Three men came out and one of them was looking as the boss. They were going to blast a bomb in the warehouse that would destroy the whole city of Birmingham. Sherlock had even heard that they had started the timer and were running away from the city. At that moment courage filled up Sherlock Holmes and he made a sudden attack at them. There were noises of guns. Now 10 minutes were left. The fight went on. 5, 4, 3 and on the second minute he defeated them. Sherlock rushed into the warehouse and searched for the bomb. Now one minutes left. He was still searching. 30 secs left and he found the bomb in one corner and rushed towards it. It was quite far away. 20 left ,10 left, Sherlock’s heartbeats became faster. 5 left and he reached the bomb and deactivated it by pressing a button. The time left was 00:00:34 seconds!!! The same moment police came and it was easy to catch them as they were tied by Sherlock Holmes. Now how did the police come. The same time Dr.Watson entered and narrated him that he had spied Sherlock Holmes as he left his house late in the evening.

So this was the end of another awesome story of the great detective Sherlock Holmes

Birthday Time!!!

ImageOn Jan 6, it was the birthday of Sherlock Holmes. Al most everybody was called at the birthday hall. The famous cricketer Andrew Flintoff was even invited. From the police commissioner to Andrew Flintoff, evrybody was called! There were games from infants to Grandparents. The party went amazing till 12 midnight. The lights suddenly went off. There was absolute silence except someone tripping over something. After a few minutes the lights came back. Andrew flintoff felt his pocket andcouldn’t find his valet. Andrew Flintoof was robbed! Sherlock Holmes rushed outside and saw some robbers running away on bikes. ( Maybe they had robbed the bikes too! ) Sherlock took out his pistol and tried to shoot the robber but instead, it hit the tyre. The robbers lost their balance and crashed right into the police station. Sherlock knew he didn’t have to do anything more. The most interesting thing was that Andrew Flintoff’s valet was returned by courier. This left him the most surprised!!! 

Holidays for Sherlock Holmes


In Easter holidays, Sherlock Holmes went to Algeria as there was no case going on for him too. There people were fully different. Anybody would rob anybody at any time of the day.  At evening Sherlock had bought a new Samsung mobile. While returning home he felt somebody exchange his mobile with somebody. The moment Sherlock thought that someone had kept a bomb in the mobile he exchanged, so he threw it away and heard some explosion type sound. He had a badge of some unknown gang. Thankfully Dr.Watson silently snatched it from his pocket. His name was David Hodge. Sherlock did little surfing on internet about him and took a little information about him and his hiding place. He and his gang were wanted for bombing in America, attacking the Switzerland army, etc. There were photos of their hiding places but they were not found yet. The police had searched in daytime so Sherlock Holmes went at midnight. Fortunately, he saw 5 to 6 members of his gang discussing. Sherlock immediately called the police and arrested them. It was little bit difficult to catch them as they started running. There were 127 members of the gang spread around the world but all were caught as one part of the gang was caught. The border police was very happy with Sherlock Holmes as he helped to catch one of the world’s dangerous gangs.


-by Goraksh Kolge  


ImageOne night Sherlock Holmes was having dinner at a five star hotel when the hotels kitchen caught fire. There was a chaos but Sherlock Holmes bravely went into the kitchen and extinguished the fire. He entered the kitchen when the fire was fully extinguished. He found a person lay dead with odd clothes and he wore a batch of a gang on which Sherlock Holmes was working on case a few months before. Sherlock rushed to the terrace. He saw some thieves trying to rob the manager. Sherlock saw that the manager was tied. Sherlock saw a helicopter letting down a rope for the thieves to escape. Sherlock bravely took out a pistol and shot the tank of the helicopter and immediately the helicopter burst into flames. The pilot and his friends jumped out with the thieves but it was too late the police had arrived. The thieves and the pilot fell on the trampoline brought by the police and of course were caught. When Sherlock came down the terrace he saw the police officer. The officer asked how was he here. Sherlock narrated the whole story to the officer. This was the end of another suspenseful story!!!!!

by-Goraksh Kolge



The Super-Duper detective Sherlock Holmes was returning after a long vacation in Algeria by Aeroplane. He had almost reached England when he heard a loud bang. Afterwards the plane was fully silent. Sherlock felt something odd about it. He got up and was going to the cabin when he saw a masked person with an AK-47. But whatever anybody is carrying Sherlock is never scared. There came out his pistol and the masked man was killed. At the same time he saw someone jump out. Sherlock didn’t take any risk. He jumped out of the plane and opened his parachute. Sherlock landed safely but what about the plane ? Sherlock rushed to the police station and narrated the whole story to police. Luckily the police officer said that the plane had landed safely on water and a man had come with a life boat to save them. The man you had thought you had killed wasn’t killed, he was injured and he was the key man to the capture the whole gang. The police officer thanked Sherlock a lot and off went Sherlock to his home.

-by Goraksh Kolge