ImageF – Friend

A – Agility

R – Relationship

M – Maturity

E – Engineer of Plants

R – Reliever


Farmers….. Haven’t you heard about farmers? Oh! Come on, I’ll tell you.

Farmer- The friend of the friends. The God of the Gods. The Mother of the Mothers. A farmer has dedicated his whole life on feeding others. Here on the other end, We can’t dedicate even 1/100 of the life to someone else. So rude.Here we spend millions of $ ,Rs, etc. and there, they work day and night to get just some thousands. Here we have LCDs and LEDs and there, they even don’t have a piece of glass that makes up a TV. Here we have internet facilities, google, yahoo, rediffmail, etc. and there they have just newspapers, some of the farmers don’t even have this. We have kilolitres or gallons of water and there, they strive for every single drop. So, please have some politeness and donate some water, money, clothes and whatever you can. Remember, if farmers are not there, we are not there.



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