The Bomb

One day Sherlock Holmes was having a ride on his bike but when he went past a warehouse he started hearing strange voices and some strange glow came from that warehouse. That evening he went to that warehouse to spy what was going now, maybe it was a new case for him. He heard those same voices and heard their discussion. When suddenly the conversation ended, Sherlock had heard everything and it was a new case for him. He looked tense. Sherlock climbed over the warehouse to the roof and the door opened. Three men came out and one of them was looking as the boss. They were going to blast a bomb in the warehouse that would destroy the whole city of Birmingham. Sherlock had even heard that they had started the timer and were running away from the city. At that moment courage filled up Sherlock Holmes and he made a sudden attack at them. There were noises of guns. Now 10 minutes were left. The fight went on. 5, 4, 3 and on the second minute he defeated them. Sherlock rushed into the warehouse and searched for the bomb. Now one minutes left. He was still searching. 30 secs left and he found the bomb in one corner and rushed towards it. It was quite far away. 20 left ,10 left, Sherlock’s heartbeats became faster. 5 left and he reached the bomb and deactivated it by pressing a button. The time left was 00:00:34 seconds!!! The same moment police came and it was easy to catch them as they were tied by Sherlock Holmes. Now how did the police come. The same time Dr.Watson entered and narrated him that he had spied Sherlock Holmes as he left his house late in the evening.

So this was the end of another awesome story of the great detective Sherlock Holmes


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