Dear friends, do we know so many people had given their life for freedom and now for defending the foreign attacks. We Indians should be happy to be safe in the safe hands of Indian army. During the World War I, India went through the worst days ever. The Kargil war, so many soldiers gave their lives. They carried 2 kgs each. India’s border is deacreasing at a fast rate. The Indian land has become Pakistani land. Sometimes but not always, the LOCs control the Pakistani terrorists from entering India. We need young children to grow up and each of them to become the best soldiers in the world and teach these foreign invaders a lesson by which Indian army will be the BEST ARMY IN THE WORLD.The children who have hobbies for rifle shooting, pistol shooting designing fighter planes, etc. It is a humble request to you to join the Indian army. If the parents are watching and if their child is interested in any of these activities, please encourage them to join the Indian army in future. Remember, the future is in today’s children’s hands


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