Do we really do well as a citizen of our country ?


Here those who are celebrating our countries independence with joy. Have you ever asked a question to yourself that are you behaving as a good citizen of India ? If not ask. Are you a good citizen ? Most of you will say yes. But somewhere in your mind your brain will say no. At least once you must have thrown garbage on road. Just do a small thing if you want to be the best citizen of our Independent India. We throw something on road and when we ourself pass through the road we say, ” Government is not cleaning. ” But remember, government is for the people, by the people and it is of the people. Government is doing their best. We should not think that a man riding on a horse will come and set all things correct. If you think this way, it will never happen. I believe in you. It is us who are adding more garbage. For example there are ten wrappers thrown on road and we pass by and think, ” How will it matter if I throw one more. ” And if ten people do this, it makes some difference. So friends, start from yourself and remember everybody is watching you. If you start behaving good ten others are behaving good. Corruption and many more things will soon stop if we behave as a good citizen of India. Even marketing, US Dollar is almost up to Rs.65, but what people do people decide to go and settle USA and other developed countries. Instead we should not use petrol for at least 10 days and just see the difference between the US dollar and Indian Rupee. Now you must be wondering why I am saying this about US dollar and Indian rupee. USA is the command room for all the sales of petroleum of the East Asian countries. But as I said earlier people go and settle in developed countries instead of Improving India. So friends, lets take a pledge to take forward for the betterment of India.



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