The Super-Duper detective Sherlock Holmes was returning after a long vacation in Algeria by Aeroplane. He had almost reached England when he heard a loud bang. Afterwards the plane was fully silent. Sherlock felt something odd about it. He got up and was going to the cabin when he saw a masked person with an AK-47. But whatever anybody is carrying Sherlock is never scared. There came out his pistol and the masked man was killed. At the same time he saw someone jump out. Sherlock didn’t take any risk. He jumped out of the plane and opened his parachute. Sherlock landed safely but what about the plane ? Sherlock rushed to the police station and narrated the whole story to police. Luckily the police officer said that the plane had landed safely on water and a man had come with a life boat to save them. The man you had thought you had killed wasn’t killed, he was injured and he was the key man to the capture the whole gang. The police officer thanked Sherlock a lot and off went Sherlock to his home.

-by Goraksh Kolge


3 thoughts on “Hijacked

  1. Hey Goraksh!!!! I loved your Sherlok Holmes short stories. They are just Superduper !!!! I never knew that you write so well. If you are gonna write so well than I will be the daily visitor of your site. And all the best for your future posts. đŸ™‚

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